ControlAula 1.0 pre-release


With almost a delay of one year, as time has been spent in many other tasks, I can finally announce the new release of ControlAula, almost ready to its massive update.

The new version has been rewritten from scratch trying to be more maintainable and make the adding of the contributions an easier task.

It’s also easier to setup and network don’t need to fulfill so many conditions as in previous versions. Anyway, most important changes are on the user side.ControlAula

These are some news:

  • Every user (now including the students) have now an interface to share documents, send messages and even work together modifying documents in real time.
  • Teachers now also close automatically the applications from his computer. Previously only launching them was possible.
  • Video broadcasting is now in full screen mode.
  • Teachers can block the students keyboard and mouse. Sysadmins can also setup the computers to start in this state until the teacher enable it at the students computers.
  • Improved and better user interface, with new flags, but keeping the same simple use it previously had.
  • The application does not depend any more on the computers IP. The leases file is not needed either.
  • The same application executable runs as a native qt application in KDE and as a native gtk application in Gnome (magic from gambas)
  • Updated documentation (in english too)

Debian package and sources are available at the forge from Extremadura.

Help, documentation, install guide, etc are <a href="http://www singulair 10»>available at this site.

Translations are welcome. It would also be great if any native english spoken person wants to fix my spanglish documentation texts.

2 comentarios en «ControlAula 1.0 pre-release»

  1. Gostaria mucho de tentar traducir este software mas no encontro onde estao os arquivos para traducion dentro do codigo fuente. Poderias me ajudar?
    Gracias e desculpe pelo portunol… 🙂

  2. A wonderful piece of work! I would love to consider using this as a replacement for proprietary software in one of our labs here at the university. However, since we use the lab (in part) for pronunciation drills, the software would need to include the ability to record students’ voices using microphones/headsets and, ideally, allow pairs or groups of students to speak to each other, as well as communicated via voice with the professor. I assume that the recording functionality could, at least in part, be achieved using existing packages, but is anyone working with the project to integrate such features? I have very little programming ability, but would be a willing tester!

    Thanks and best wishes…