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ControlAula Everytime a student (or a teacher who's not logged in to a teacher computer) logs in, the application starts minimized in the destkop panel notification area. It's easy to identify it by its icon Icono minimizado. Clicking on it will show or hide the application.

The application looks like the image at left, in which we can see three different areas:

Colleagues icons area

Whenever classmates or a teacher logs in, their icons will appear in this area. The user's login name will appear under each icon, and moving the mouse over the icon will display a small text box with the user's full name (if that data was provided when the user account was created).Menú controlaula
Left clicking on the classmate icon will display the files he or she is sharing in the right-hand pane.
Right clicking on the classmate icon will display the menu you can see on the right; this menu will allow the user to:

Lower tab

The lower tab contains the user application data. It's split into three parts:

Shared files by selected classmate area

After left clicking on a classmate icon, all her currently shared files will appear in this frame.
To download any of the files, left click on the file to display the download menu. Download time will depend on the file size. When the download is finished a warning will appear and the file will be placed in the current shared files area of the user. Every time a shared file is downloaded it will automatically become a shared file for the user who downloaded it.

Application manuals

[1] This action won't work if the application is using a version of the gambas gtk component lower than 1.9.91 because of a bug in that component
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